Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Moms are so special! I am so very lucky and blessed to have a ridiculous and awesome mom! Not everyone is as fortunate to have a mom, but I'm so grateful. Today is her Birthday and I thought it would be great to just post some pictures from some awesome memories I have made with her! 

 My mom has been such an encourager, supporter, a best friend, always on my side, through the thick and thin, she has been my rock. I'm so thankful to call her "mom" and cannot imagine a life without her! She is truly one of a kind! Happy Birthday, MOM! Go rock it out WOMAN! Thanks for being AMAZING and leading by example. May you be blessed with many more years. LOVE YOU! XOXOXO! 
I hope to be half the mom you are someday!

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