Saturday, March 1, 2014

Growing Up Duggar

Have you seen the famous TV show 21 kids and counting? OR Have you ever wondered how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raise all of their children and manage their insanity? I have their secret! You can find out their secret too. 

Photo Source: Duggar

My husband and I have watched their Tv show and just think they are an amazing family for their belief system. I know many people don't agree with them or deem them as "odd", but I find them very interesting. I think their standards and convictions to be encouraging and I like that they stand for what they believe in, which is something that you don't find a lot of people doing. I also love that they stand firm in their faith and their convictions in a loving way. They never do it to offend or to use it to hate, or oppress others. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and Read "Growing up Duggar" by Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar. These are the four older Duggar women! What a joy it was to read their take as a Duggar!

This book captures so many areas of the Duggar life, but it talks a lot from a female perspective about the life as a Duggar. Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger each take several opportunities throughout the book to talk about their roles as sisters, daughters, role models, mentors and their relationship with Christ. They talk about their values when it comes to dating, clothing, makeup, relationships, respecting their parents, what it means to give to their community, politics, helping the larger community and the world. These are some mighty women of God who live beyond themselves. 

Their values are lived out daily. They are the real deal. Every value they have, is based on scripture. While, I may not have the same convictions as they do, they talk about that in their book. They talk about how they have met people who have challenged them with different convictions. One example they gave was when a man came over to their house and after dinner one of kids wanted to play cards with this man. The man turned down the offer. Later in the evening, the family learned he his father was a gambler and this man said he would never pick up a deck of cards because he was convicted that he did not want to turn to that addiction. 

What I learned from reading this book is that the Duggar family has a set of values, but these values they have for a reason. Although the world may not understand their values or reasons, the Duggars are not looking to please the world, they are looking to please God. The Duggars are looking to take a stand on their faith. They are putting God first and that is their #1 priority.  

My review: 
I really enjoyed this book because it gave me a lot of new and different perspectives on how someday I would want to raise a family. Some of the ideas that were discussed in this book are great parenting tips, great tips on dating to discuss girls, financial ways to be savy, how to be great shoppers and look chic, and also great things to be able to discuss with students. I love how involved the family is in music, outside activities, how the girls are volunteers at the fire department, how all of the kids help one another out and how each of the children have their own unique talents and gifts. I really liked this book over all and recommend it. It's just a great read! 


Susan P said...

Love your review!! I need to borrow this. :)

Sarah said...

Totally. They are giving 5 autographed copies away on their blog right now!!