Sunday, March 9, 2014

Giants in the Land:Book. 1 & 2

I had the opportunity to review Giants in the Land Book One: The Way of Things written by Clark Rich Burbidge. 
This book is about a village of people who rely on giants to step in and help them whenever something is too difficult for their village. One day the giants leave the village and the people are left panicked because they do not understand why the giants have left them. They put their faith in a young man named Thomas to find the Giants to figure out why the giants have left. Thomas embarks on a journey to find the Giants, meanwhile he finds a giant who has gone estray from the Giants and encourages him to return to the pack. Eventually, Thomas does reach the Giants and his questions are answered, but I will not spoil any secrets beyond that. 

My Review:
I love the creativity of this book. This is my favorite book of the two! The names of the Giants are very thoughtful and cool. As an adult I enjoyed this book, but you could read this to children. It is not scary in way. It is a very appropriate book with no graphic content, so even younger kids would love the idea of Thomas going to find these big Giants! Just a cool book all around!

I also had the opportunity to review book two: The Prodigals 

Book Two follows book 1, so I highly recommend reading The Way of things or you will miss pieces of the story line. The author does a goo job at filling in the gaps, but it reads smoother if you have read the first book. Book two follows Thomas, but he is much older now and served as the lands Forest Ward. It had taken Thomas five years to learn the role as he had to learn every role of the Giants. This story is more than just Thomas' role, but the role of his two grandchildren; Tommy and Rosa. We also meet some other characters along the way like Sarah, Sam, Tommy, Marcus  and maybe a Giant or two. One of Thomas' granchildren is captured and it up to the brave warriors to go and rescue  the young soul, but are these young warriors are as equipped as they thought? Do they have what it takes to rescue their friend?

My thoughts:
I really liked this book, it had a lot of action and I know children/ teens will just love this book! It captures you within three chapters and you can't put it down.  This book has a third one coming out, so I'm curious to see where the author goes next.

I reviewed these books for PR by the Book. I highly recommend both titles !!!!

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