Sunday, March 2, 2014

Debt, Disney, Epilepsy & Run Disney

So, last week I shared my heart on this tension between living everyday finding confetti or living life feeling like you're just rolling through the mundane. Feeling like it's just meaningless?

Today I want to share my heart on something that ties into a similar topic. It has to do with debt, running , Disney and Epilepsy. Hold with me for a minute as I make connections.

My husband and I have chose to live as much as we can, debt free. This means we do not have debt on a credit card! Please don't fall over! I hope you're still breathing. It means we pay CASH! We arent those crazy Dave Ramsey nuts, but we live on the dreaded word... BUDGET
We own credit cards and use them to make occasional online purchases, but they are not used for Emergencies.  

However, we do have debt in other areas. We have massive student loans and 2 car loans. 1 car is almost paid off. We are close to paying 1 car off because we have said NO to a lot of fun opportunities  and have said yes to living on NOThing to make extra payments.  

Some people can easily afford things we cannot, but I'm a social worker and my husband is a graphic artist. We don't make a lot of money, but we have peace about our finances and where we are headed.

My husband and I also have this love for Disney and specifically RunDisney! We breath Disney! We have a #Disneyside that is a little nutty. Which brings me to my point, we would love to do every RunDisney race on the planet, but if it doesn't for into our CASH plan, we just can't do it. I love reading race recaps and seeing all the medals, following along twitter and watching the victories, I feel like I'm right there, even when I feel a million miles away, but Simply put, we CANNOT do every RunDisney race and that breaks my heart. Right now we are trying to make plans between a Goofy race or summer vacation.... 


This ties into having Epilepsy because Medical expense is huge! We spend some money on medications monthly and I'm very thankful for health insurance and medication, but again having peace in our life means moving forward with our lives towards debt free living... Medical expenditure is no joke!! 
Or for the faint heart, cuz I would be on the ground a lot more when I opened my mail.

We found out about this really awesome opportunity in CA @ DisneyLand on November 7, 2014 where 
people with Epilepsy from all over the US, will be attending the parks and they will be creating awareness!! Of course, I'm all EARS, as I'm trying to learn much more about this event!! But, I can't even imagine the PURPLE heaven that will take place!! They will have an Epilepsy Expo, team up with Drs and part of me wishes Run Disney would jump in with a family 5k walk/run event. Come on RunDisney!!! 

So as you can see, we have some Disney decisions to make coming up rather quickly. 

Reflection & Questions:

I say all of this because I wonder where you find peace? Does your current financial medical or health snapshot give you peace? Or are you running literally or figuratively to the next race earning medals, but worn out and physically exhausted??? Where does your peace come from? 

What should we do? Help!!


Britt said...

Sarah - have you contacted Disney about combining RunDisney with the Epilepsy event, maybe they can have you speak at part of it about your journey with Epilepsy and your Love of RunDisney to inspire others to reach for their dreams in spite of Epilepsy!! Maybe they'll pay your way to be a part of it! You are such an inspiration!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, Britt! A girl can dream right? That would be the ideal best possible scenario!! It would be AMAZING!

Karen Seal said...

I hear you, girl. My job can be stressful and looking forward to my next Disney event is like the bright spot in my day! Unfortunately, we aren't a money tree and can't run every single runDisney event. Oooh the Expo sounds amazing, I hope runDisney throws a 5K in there! How much fun would that be?!

Sarah said...

I think it would be amazing!! Maybe I should contact RunDisney Karen !!