Thursday, March 13, 2014

Confessional Thursday is good

1) Confession, I weighed in at 143.4 this morning.

2) Confession #2, I haven't ran in almost two months. The weather is just depressing to me, I can't handle the snow and I have no desire to hit the gym. I'm tired of snow, the weather was good for two days, my spirits were lifting and then we were slammed again. I need to get to Florida for Spring Break.

3) Confession #3, I'm way behind on blogging and even way behind on reading. I was catching up on books. I almost there. I think I have seven to read and crank out posts! I hope to accomplish 3 books today and two books this weekend! 

4) Confession# 4, The past two weeks have been just hard. It makes me wish I had some money stashed away to take my family on a long roadtrip. I don't want to miss out on my family. Life is short. My sister graduates. I'm afraid life is going to slip on by. Sigh.

5) Confession #5 I'm a huge Hallmark sap, so I was thrilled when I was able to order this DVD set!

Any confessions you're willing to make public?? These are my guilty ones this week/ month!
Love y'all!
Until next time, XOXO


Bari said...

There have been far too many mint oreos in my life lately. Also, I'm wearing heels today because sometimes you just have to say "eff it" and feel like you look pretty even when you feel like crap.

Sarah said...

I love your confession on Oreos! That's awesome! My feet would kill me if I wore heels. I own one pair. Good for you to be a lady! I'm eating lots of chocolate, you're allowed to eat Oreos for a long time. I'm recommending that as a therapist and as a friend. Start passing them out to students. We need to hand out vacations too.


Awesome job on your weigh in! I am just now getting back to running myself and I must say its so hard. Why is it always so hard the 2nd time after you stop. Heres to getting back to running!

Sarah said...

I'm with ya! We can do the journey together! The winter had been brutal here!!

Unknown said...
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