Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Sky without Stars

A Sky without Stars written by Linda S Clare takes her readers to Arizona back to the 1950's where Native Americans and white people where uncomfortable with each other. This was a culture where one another did not trust each other, nor care for each other. If you have read other books by Quilts of Love, you will not be disappointed by this one. I really enjoyed this book because of the historical period of time it took me to and the fact that I did not grow up in a time period where Native Americans were so distrustful of white people. I learned a lot through reading this book and gained a new found respect.


After Frankie Chasing Bears husband is killed, she wants a new start to life, but that isn't as easy in the time period she lives in. She decides that she and her son, Harold are going to get in the car and head to California in hopes of a fresh start and a new life. Of course, things never goes as planned and Frankie finds herself controlled and life determined by the white mans rules. Of course, Frankie meets Federal Agent Nick Parker, who is attracted to her, but naturally Frankie is skeptical. Nick Parker works for the Indian Affairs Bureaur and he is a Christian. Frankie is struggling with her faith, her feels towards Nick and her desire to raise Harold with Native American values without completely assimilating to the white mans culture. I also love the character of Nick who steps up to be a man of dignity, character and respect for Harold. You can see he wants to be a good example to Harold. 

Overall, this book makes the reader aware the struggles that Native Americans faced during this time period and how Native Americans continue to face many challenges today. Of course the story has a romance twist and has a great historical premise, but it helps the reader think about their faith. I really enjoyed this book and think you will too. 

Thank you to Litefuse and Abingdon Press for providing me a complimentary copy of review. I was not compensated for a positive review. 

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