Tuesday, February 18, 2014

True love

I'm very blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me inspite of my flaws!
This Valentines, we never do anything big and that is perfectly fine with me. I like Valentines Day quiet and relaxed. On Valentines Day, Drew was at Work, so my mom came over and we watched a gushy Hallmark Movie! That was fun.

On Saturday, Drew and I celebrated by going out to lunch and then Drew gave me a sweet card with Dove Chocolates and a yummy Disney Cupcake Mailbox!
So sweet! He's a keeper!! I love him!

I found this quote and thought this was priceless! Isn't this true? It's only two pounds of chocolate, why did I gain 5 pounds?? Sugar makes me gain weight fast!

Q: How do you celebrate Valentines Day?


Bari said...

I spend the evening at a HS hockey game because the kids were playing in the pep band. For future reference, the Georgetown Ice Arena is FREEZING. Then since we were so close to Pike 51, M and I went there for a couple beers.

Sarah said...

Thanks for letting me know. If I ever go, I will wear lots and lots of layers!