Monday, February 10, 2014

Things I'm loving from this weekend!

First, did you know Shamrock shakes are back ?? Oh, yes!!!

        They are so stinking delicious!!

Second, I love this crochet blanket my 95 year old neighbor made me! She made us another one too.. So sweet! She brought it over for a Valentines Day gift!!

This weekend, I read this amazing book and cried my eyes out. I usually don't cry, but this book completely moved me.

Then someone else brought us a Red Robin Gift Card!! Yum!!! People are so kind everywhere this weekend! 

Finally, I got to see my favorite family too and that made my entire weekend!! This family just blesses me in so many ways! I just love them! No words to describe oh much they mean to me!

All in all, I just felt like we were blessed all over the weekend. Did I mention, two more books came in the mail for review? I love that!! 

Q: How was your weekend?


Bari said...

My weekend wasn't bad. Just busy. And why, oh why did you have to tell me shamrock shakes are back on the day I start logging on MFP again???

Sarah said...

Sorry, Bari! My husband discovered them last night. I swear our scale is broken. It keeps registering me under 150! Finally!!!

Two Runners Travel said...

So sweet that you have a neighbor that makes you blankets. Oh shakes....don't get me started!

Susan P said...

What a fun weekend you have had!! God is showing you that he is still there and supporting you. :)
What a cute bunch of kids.

Britt said...

Yea too bad my husband got one of the new chocolate covered strawberry frappe's at McD's today, or I'd stop and get him a Shamrock Shake tonight - he loves those things and is having a busy day today!!

Sarah said...

You should get one for you!

Miralee Ferrell said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my book. I'm always so blessed when I hear my books touched a reader's emotions. Did you post a review on your blog? I'd love to read your thoughts! Thanks again!