Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Smitten Book Club

Looking to escape your everyday life to enter a quiet town? Join the gals of Smitten in Vermont as they find friendship, relationships and love. 

Heather, Abby, Lia and Molly find friendship, healing and loving in Smitten, Vermont. Real life friends, Colleen Colbe, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter and Diann Hunt have created the fictional town and wove three books together. The other two titles; Smitten & Secretly Smitten, which I highly recommend in addition to Smitten Book Club. 

Smitten Book Club

This book contains four novels:

1) Love by the Book- Collen Colbe

Does a book have the potential for romance and money? Will an old flame reunite Heather with a man from the past or will it end in hurt?
2) Shelved Under Romance- Kristin Billerbeck

Abby Gray is the towns Librarian and taken over her mothers care since her father has past away. Wyatt Tanner, a sports extremist is interested in her and begins to find clues about unburied treasure, will Abby be open to Wyatt and his quest for gold?

3) A New Chapter- Diann Hunt
Elliana Burton who fears doctors, suddenly find herself in need of going to a dentist when she loses a filling. Although, she cannot go to just any dentist, but her childhood heart throb, Dr. Joey, who has recently returned to Smitten. 
Will she move past her dreams of Dr. Joey? Or will this end in a romance? 

4) Happily Ever After- Denise Hunter
Molly inherited her husbands business from his death, but it is headed towards bankruptcy. Her only hope comes from her business competitor Gage Turner. She find herself wondering if she should trust his advice? Why would he want to help her. Finally, the last read of the courting gems leads to clues to find the ancestral gold. 

Each book has a unique story, with each of the women woven into each others stories. While they have all have their own unique story like a tapestry, they are woven together. I also loved the friendship among the ladies. Their four stories will touch your heart and make you want to be a better friend. It just reminds you to realign your priorities in your friendships too. Just a wonderful book! 

My Final Thoughts:
The Smitten Finale comes together at the end! You will not want to put this book down. However, I am really sadden that this will most likely be the last of the series due to the recent passing of Diann Hunt. I am deeply sadden by her loss and I know her fellow friends/colleagues are deeply touched by her loss. Will we see another book? Only time will tell, but I know the authors are feeling her loss, but would feel Dianns blessing to write another book, if they felt the calling to do so. I was not compensated for a positive review, but was provided a book to review. I rate this book 5/5 stars.

To learn more about these lovely ladies or purchase a copy, go here!!!

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Britt said...

Oooh I loved that other book you sent me by Denise Hunter! I bet these are all good too!

I'm really loving reading right now! I just started a book called "Sarai". It turns the story of her struggle with infertility into a fiction book where you can read her emotions, the love from her husband Abram and her interactions with her nephew Lot and his wife etc.

Sarah said...

Britt, you would totally love this book !! I just got a new Denise Hunter book called "Dancing with Fireflies." Can't wait to read it..

Your book sounds super good!! I'll have to check into it! Thanks for the recommendation.