Monday, February 17, 2014

Runner down week 4

Happy Monday!!!

So after 4 weeks of chest pain, unexplained weight loss, feel good Somedays and others us dragging, I went into the Dr today. I hate the Dr. It's so frustrating! They never have answers, let's be honest! I want to be dying before I go in, I mean really!

He basically said, "let's order a bunch of tests" and my response was, "insurance sucks now, so I have to pay for every single test" and he said, " I know, but how winded did you feel coming up those stairs when you got up here?" You're a runner, not an 80 year old woman! Something is constricting your breathing! Drats! He got me!

Off to chest x-rays, and blood tests we go!

He better figure this out, because this is SERIOUSLY screwing with my RIVERBANK training and I'm getting really aggravated! I want to be able to run! 

So, I've decided to post pretty quotes and things since my body is falling apart, yet again!

And this looks like a lovely place to visit!!

Q: How are y'all handling winter? If you're a runner, how are you handling staying healthy? Vitamin C, fluids and rest aren't doing it for me!! Got any good tips?


Britt said...

Oooh Sarah, I'm sorry and I hope they figure it out soon!!!

Sarah said...

You and me both!