Monday, February 24, 2014

Just a casual weekend

This past weekend, was just a fun weekend! Do you ever just need those weekends where you need to be carefree and let your hair down? No house work was done! No real groceries are here, but we enjoyed ourselves!

We went out to lunch at Red Robin on Saturday! YUM!!! It's like our favorite place to go.
 They have the best fries and the most delicious southwestern chicken salad ever!! I love all the yummy stuff they put in it!
We even sprang for dessert, which is a rare occurrence! I'm not a huge dessert eater. 
Somehow, Drew managed dessert out if me.. Lol. I ate like two bites, but it was delicious! We took a nap and then went to watch some of our favorite children so their parents could go to a wedding.

We played a fun Disney Wii game called Think Fast and also watched this movie!
I love that we accomplished not one darn thing this weekend, but I'm feeling like I need to kick motivation into high gear this week to make up for lost time. I'm thankful for a nice, relaxing weekend.

Q: What did y'all do this weekend? Was it relaxing? Did you work?


Britt said...

I was sick so I took a lot of time to nap! I was a bit productive though around my naps. I still feel like I could sleep!

Sarah said...

Oh, no! I hope you feel better sweet girl. We took several naps too. What's going on? Why you feeling sick?

Susan P said...

You two took a "nap"? Good for you!
I am so glad you guys had such a relaxing fun weekend without work. We need that every now and then to recharge ourselves. :)
You two make me smile.

Sarah said...

I'm rolling my eyes.