Monday, January 20, 2014

Workout recap

Workout Recap:

Drew and I headed to Planet Fitness to workout, but the parking lot was slammed, so we knew we weren't even going to get on a machine. We counted it a nice REST day instead. 

 2miles on the boring treadmill, where I got in a decent pace. I would really like to stay under a 10 min mile... 

Jillian Michaels Circut Video

Walk on the treadmill -30 mins


5 mile Run 

I was pretty excited with this run and I probably could have kept going. The conditions completely sucked! It was freezing, I was running on lots of ice and I'm really tired of wearing yaktracks because with the ice, it makes things so unsturdy, but I live in Michigan.. I was excited to make some gain in my mileage. My pace was awful, but we'll keep working on it..

Hill training, got that treadmill to an incline of 15.0 and starting walking the hills.. My calves hurt today, ALOT!!!

I'm noticing not a lot of stretching or yoga is going down, so this week, I'm aiming to get more yoga and stretching in,

Q: What training are you proud of this week?? Maybe this week you needed rest and you're proud of that!!! What accomplishment big or small have you made this past week??? 


Bari said...

I'm proud of my 34.5 mile trainer ride on Saturday and for taking Sunday to sleep and rest since I'm sick.

Karen Seal said...

You had an awesome week!! Great job....and way to keep under 10 min miles!

Sarah said...

Karen, I'm working hard girl.. I hate the hamster wheel, but I can't improve my speed with all the dang ice!!!