Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Recap and a few others

Workout Recap for the week:

30 mins weights /ABS
2x .25 treadmill repeats

Scrapping and removing the snow off my car
30min yoga session


2 mile Walk


2.5 mile run

Saturdays Run was pretty difficult and I know it doesn't compare to the humidity to many of you are running in, nor does it even cover the distance, but I'm slowly getting back into running and trying to recover after enduring 4 medication changes in the past 7 months! Talk about jacking up your body!

This was the sloppy, sloshy, icy and soaking wet pavement. My shoes were soaked by the end of my run.
It actually hit 40 degrees here too! It was great that I didn't have to wear a full coat or even mittens. My speed started out fast, but quickly diminished when I had no choice several times, but to slow my pace down or brake my ankle! Irritating!!!

Seriously, you don't even understand how awesome it was not to have to wear a winter running coat!!

Sunday,I set out and decided to start a training calendar for a few races that I have my eye on . You see, I am old fashioned and I love calendars, I hate using my phone to map out my running plans/ training. 

The one thing I need to work on is speed, stretching and strength training. I have built that in. I also pray for better weather!

Today, I actually broke out my capris! It was beautiful!!!! My car read 42 degrees!! That's warm in the mitten!

Q: What is your best advice for Speed training??

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