Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Treadmill hater

That is not a pretty face!  I hate the hamster wheel as I call it, better known as the treadmill! It's so boring! The most I can run is one mile or some splits and then I'm Peace out Girlscout!

I had a good mile in and I was done. Mentally, I was done, shut down and ready to go home. What in the world? Why do I hate the treadmill? I've been trying to diagnosis myself all day to figure out what's going on.7

Am I afraid of success or am I simply bored? I don't know the answer! I'm trying to work on speed! Help!

Q: Do you enjoy the treadmill? What gets you through???


mindy @ just a one girl revolution. said...

I wouldn't say I "enjoy" the treadmill, but I try to make it fun by mixing things up. Changing the speed or incline every minute or two, sprints during the chorus of songs, things like that. By constantly changing things, it helps the time go by faster.

Britt said...

I did 4+ miles on the elliptical the other day.... I read while running though.

Sarah said...

I need to switch it up for sure'

Sarah said...

Way to go girl!!! Woot!