Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Running and Health Goals

Running Goals:

Yep, I think we're going "Goofy" folks! 

I'm pretty sure my husband said never a full again, but maybe for "Goofy." So, when registration opens, all of your Run Disney nuts, better be tweeting me so I don't miss registration like I almost did with DDD. And 2015 is the year to do it!

 I think we will not be participating in any Run Disney Race events for 2014. I know a lot of people who really want to experience them and as much as we would love to do them and every single one of them, IT'S quite a financial EXPENSE traveling all the time. How do you people do it? 

I'm excited to step out a little and try some other races, but ya never know. I may get the bug and sign us up for races.. stay tuned on this goal... 


I also plan to participate in a couple of half marathons, just not sure which ones yet. The weather is so yuckie here. I can run more than 3 miles on the treadmill, so, let's hope it gets better so I can get some longer runs in.

Speed Drills
In addition, I'm working on speed drills and I HATE it with a passion, but I want to improve my time. The treadmill is the beast to do it, so I'm on there a lot lately. I'm not concerned with mileage, although that's coming. Right now, I'm trying to find a sustainable and obtainable pace that I withhold for a long duration. So, that means playing with the treadmill speed, doing different repeats and keeping track of my data. 


I will be stretching a lot more! I'm ready to kick my PF in the you know where! I'm tired of IT band issues and I just need to dedicate 15 minutes of stretching daily. It just needs to become routine!

Health goals:

Use face cream, daily!! I can see the stress lines and wrinkles forming! So, NOT cool!!!!!!

Muscle, not Fat : 

I am also working towards gaining more muscle. I use to want to weigh less, but actually, I weigh less now and my close fit tighter than they did last year when I weighed more.. I can tell because of muscle mass. I was much more leaner.. Need to get leaner! 


I also am working towards drinking half of my body water in weight daily, so that equals 75oz of water daily. Some days I get it, other days, its awful and I can't hit it. I'm trying each day. 

Cleaner eating:
Last year, I cut out Diet soda and it has done wonders for my waist line. I now only drink Sprite and that's rare! Soda is a treat.

I am working towards cleaner eating and eating more nutritious foods, which means consulting cookbooks!

Q: Any big races on your bucket list for 2014??


Bari said...

Great goals!

I'd love to run the Nike Women's marathon in San Fran someday. Or Zooma Napa. Sucks that all the great races are during the school year so it's hard to travel.

Sarah said...

I heard that race is really hard to get into Bari. Would love me some Tiffany BLING!