Saturday, January 18, 2014

Prepared for a Purpose

"Prepared for a Purpose" is written by Antoinette Tuff. This book is amazing. It's the story of an incredible woman who in the face of great difficulty, stood calm, relied on her faith and was able to keep her entire school safe from what could have been another deadly school shooting.

As 870 students remain on lock down, Antoinette is faced with Michael Hill, a intruder who enters the front of office and states " were gonna die today." This book doesn't just begin here, it also begins with Antoinette facing her own pain as a child, her pain in her marriage and the rejection, hurt and despair she once felt. 

This pain and journey allowed her to be courageous in the face of adversity and prepared her for a moment that nothing else could. My favorite quote from this Book:

I highly recommend this book. I read it cover to cover in two hours. It will grip you as you read the story of a woman who pours her heart out and faces extraordinary circumstances and saves the staff and students at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy. As a school social worker, this book spoke to my heart in so many ways. Michael Hill is a human, who for whatever reason on that day had lots of anxiety, was clearly aggravated, had some mental health issues and needed someone to love and listen to him. I think we can learn a lot from Antoinette and the way she handled herself and her 
personal life.

Thank you to Bethany House for allowing me to review this book. To find out more information on go to You can currently find it on Amazon, Barnes& Nobles or any other fine retailers. I give this book five stars and will pass it on to my colleagues. 



I love these types of books. I will have to read this one!!!

Sarah said...

It's such a great book!! I cried, laughed and my gut was knotted the entire time.

Susan P said...

Oh wow, it sounds like a good one. What a great reminder - God made us for a purpose, not just a random job. :)

Sarah said...

Yes, so evident in this book. The author could have panicked and this could have been another school tragedy, but instead was able to respond calmly and was called with purpose to show love and compassion towards Michael. Just an amazing read!