Saturday, January 4, 2014

Miss Brenda and the Lovely Ladies

Miss Brenda and the Lovely Ladies is a true story about Brenda Spahn. As a businesswoman who was quite successful and wealthy, she didn't even know the prison system was like until her families tax business almost sent her to prison.

Brenda was prompted with a vision while watching women serve time at Julia Tutwiler Prison for women. Her vision was to open a transition house to help women as they transition from prison to the outside world.any women and those incarcerated fund themselves back in prison because they don't have the proper resource available to help them as they transition. 
Against the advice of correctional professionals and others telling her that her idea would fail, she proceeded against all odds. 

She then had the opportunity to work with seven women, which has turned into the most successful nonprofit transitional center in the country sieving 450 women and children daily. The Lovelady Center  provides substance abuse counseling, meals, drug rehab, childcare and many other resources to help these women be successful once outside the organization.

This book is a great recommendation and an inspiration for anyone who has ever had a dream, but was faced with many obstacles and was unsure of they continue forward. I love how Brenda did not give up on these women and it is a great reminder that we should not give up either.

* I received this complimentary copy from Blogging for Books for my review and opinions. I was not compensated for a positive review.


Karen Seal said...

Love the idea behind this book! What a difference she's making in SO many lives...awesome!

Sarah said...

It's a great book, you would like it. Tear jerker for sure !