Friday, January 3, 2014

Mental Health Goals 2014 Part 1

So, I have been thinking a lot about my goals for the new year and I've decided that in 2014, I need freedom in certain areas of my life and other areas need some work. 

I decided to make them a little different or have a different frame of mind, I guess you could say.

I want my life to have a more balanced approach and I think we can all agree, it's healthy!

Today, I'm focusing on mental health goals because in the last two months, I have neglected my personal mental health. As a mental health professional, this cannot happen ! 

I have been thinking about ways in which I will dream bigger, yet allow less stress in my life and simply allow more rest to take place.

1. I will journal more often, even if it means writing a quote, drawing a picture or simply putting words on a page because that it is relaxing.

2. Sunday will become my new "rest" day. I will unplug from the Internet and free myself from responsibilities. I am allowed to partake, but because I want too, not because I feel obligated.

3. I will take part in a book shelf challenge by emptying out my book shelf to make room for new favorite books. I cannot wait to fill a shelf of new books that I have read this year because we all know how much I love to read!

4. I will re-watch Friends, Full House, Gilmore Girls and Home Improvement as laughter is the best medicine! I can't stand a lot of garbage on TV right now, so time to get back to the classics.

5. I will not compare my life to others because comparison is the theif of joy.

6.  I will not allow myself to feel guity anymore for my imperfections.

7. I will no longer allow Epilespy to have a voice in my head. I will be smart, I will take my meds, I will listen to doctors, but the battle of this thing defining me, it's Over! 

8. I will stop worrying about others opinions.

For mental health reasons, I am allowing freedom in these areas and I will not feel a single ounce of guilt any longer . Stay tuned for some areas that I could use improvements! This was fun and a very liberating post! 

Q: In this New Year, where do you need to make a mental health shift?


Susan P said...

YES! I love your list! I, myself, don't make resolutions, it's not my thing. But... I do try to change and adapt and always find things to fix about myself. :)

Susan P said...

And yes, the empty bookshelf thing is awesome. I want to be more picky in my getting books this year - I don't want to waste time on something I know I might not be interested in.

Sarah said...

I don't like resolutions, I'm terrible at them, rather things I want to work on.

Sarah said...

I'm with ya there! It gets overwhelming! This year, I am going to be more intentional about my reading. I hope book club announces some good books though!