Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Impulsive Snow day #2? Did we make a repeat?

It was a snowday like today, where I got impulsive and sticky finger here, signed us up for Dumbo Double Dare in California! Again, here I find myself with another snowday.. So, the impulsive side of me, of course wanted to register us for another DDD challenge!!! I mean, with all the snow, who doesn't want to start dreaming of warm weather? We have like 6 feet of snow on the ground! DISGUSTING! 

 Of course, registration is already sold out for DDD, so if you want, You're going to have to run for a charity group to get in on this event. Sadly, we are not making a trip out to California this year. It's not in the budget. We are tackling those student loans! 

So, as much as sticky fingers wanted to go and jet off to California Labor Day weekend, we just couldn't do it!  We are planing on doing a RUN Disney race.. We'll just have to wait and see which one it is... :)

For now, all of you who have signed up for DDD, you will have a great run! I can't believe a snow day like this last year, caused me to be so impulsive! But, in retrospect, I wouldn't have it any other way! We earned our C2C! I am so dang proud of that MEDAL!

Q: What medal are you proud of? Are you running DDD? C2C races this year???? 



I can not wait to run a Disney half marathon. The very minute I see something is open I am signing up!!!! I just can not wait. Erica

Bari said...

I'm pretty proud of my C2C and of course my GR Marathon medal.

Sarah said...

Erica, you will love it ! I wish we were doing it again!

Sarah said...

Yes, the C2C medal is some mad bling! I'm proud of my first marathon bling too. I think GR half is on my list !

Karen Seal said...

No DDD for me...no C2C, either! I did love running Dumbo last year, hope to run in Disneyland sometime again soon! :0)

Sarah said...

Me 2. I have other races on my bucket list and our student loans are killing us. We are trying to get out from under them . Hate debt.