Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Favorite Wednesdays!!

Here are some of thing I've been enjoying about life lately and my favs for Wednesday!!
Just loved this quote and think it speaks so true to my life!! I've been trying to do these daily.

I've been soaking in Epsom
Salt a lot lately to keep toxins out and keep the germs away from the children I work with. This has also been awesome after some runs!

I've been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables lately, but I've been enjoying lots of Red Apples!!! Do you see something hidden in this picture???

I've also been drinking half of my body weight in ounces in water, daily!!! This Starbucks cup with the straw, has helped  me tremendously. I bring this cup into meetings with me all the time and it helps that it's not big or clunky. Love it. If you're looking to get on track with water, this is awesome!!

Finally, I'm totally enjoying our Runners World Subscription!!! I used to have it, then had to cut back, then found a good deal and re-ordered it!!! I love it and am so glad to have it back again!

Q: What is your favorite thing right now?


Karen Seal said...

Lots of fun things in this post...the first thing I noticed was the Hidden Mickey! Nice one! :D I need to drink more water on a daily basis, too. Thanks for the reminder! Yay for Runners World!

Sarah said...

Drink the water girl!! I'm trying to lose weight !!!! Struggle is real!

Susan P said...

Hidden Mickey! :) Girl, that quote was made b/c someone met you. You are ALL those things, no need to try too hard.
Oh I just love my water cups like that - I LIVE with them attached to me. It's so much easier that way! I had to get a bunch more when I see them on clearance because Tim and the kids kept stealing mine.
I bought the epsom salts - so now I can use them with the kids to help!
YOu go girl - keep on running!

Sarah said...

Sue, that is the nicest COMPLIMENT someone has ever said to me! Makes me want to cry! You're so darn sweet!!!!! Hope the Epsom salt works and makes my favorite kiddos feel better!!

Sarah said...

Ps. It's easier to drink more water with a cool cup, I too buy them on clearance after the holidays!!