Monday, January 6, 2014

Back in the running business

After some major time off from running, I'm back in the game! I've got a few races on my bucket list, which I'll talk about tommorow ! The time off was for a lot of reasons.

-The new meds for my Epilpsy completely drained me of any and all lack of motivation. 

- Studying for my licensure exam sucked the life out of me and even though I will need to re-test after missing it by 7 STINKING points, I know what to expect.

- Plus the weather here, just plain SUCKS!

We joined a new gym! Yay for Planet Fitness! The beauty of this new fitness club is that I can literally walk to it. Hollar! Plus, it's  open 24/7! Sha BAM!

Weekly Fitness Recap:

Monday- 2 Miles treadmill

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- Sleep

Thursday- 30 mins Elliptical- this really hurt my knees!  

Friday - Rest

Saturday - 2.5 miles in the crazy snow

Sunday- Speed Work .5 mile repeats  of  4:49, 4:48 & 4:41

For this first week, after two months off, I'm happy. Right now I'm more focused on speed than mileage. In tommorows post, I'll let you in on my physical goals for 2014 and speed is one of them.

Also, if you have knee issues, I bought and downloaded this book called " Treat Your Own Knees" by Jim Johnson, who is a PT. I'm learning that my hips and thighs are very weak, which is causing some knee issues. 

This book walks you through several exercises to see where your knee pain is and then gives you simple strength exercises to relieve the pain. I bought this as a kindle book, so I can take it with me. Many of the exercises are ones you can do on the couch during commercials, while cooking or talking on the phone.

Hope y'all had a great weekend! We are getting blasted with snow and are suppose to get to possibly -20 here. Brr.

This is the drive home from church yesterday!!!

Stay warm!

Q: How do you treat injuries? Do you go to a Dr. first or try stuff on your own?


Britt said...

I passed that book onto my dad, he's been struggling with awful knee pain... maybe it can help him!

Sarah said...

It's an awesome book, I'm learning a lot! I hope it helps him. Glad you made it home!!!!!