Monday, January 27, 2014

2 workout recaps

Usually on Mondays I recap my workouts, but this week I'm going to recap only two.

On Thursday, I met with a trainer at Planet Fitness to discuss some of my running goals, basically she told me that I need to do more weight lifting and lots if AB work. Oh, Joy! My two favorite things,  not!  She gave me a list of things that I need to do in order to reach my goals. I'm excited about it, but change is hard too, so here we go! She also made me aware that my heart rate is not where it should be for my age and I'm not reaching my full potential. Ugh!

My second workout was on Saturday when I was battling this crazy weather! 

So, I was suppose to run 6 miles, but that wasn't going to happen. With snowbanks up to my knees, it wasn't going to happen!

Look at all that stinking snow! My legs really hurt today! The back of my knee caps are tender, I can tell it was from my yak tracks and the mountains of snow that I was hiking though. DEFINATELY using different muscle groups!!!

While I was running through some neighborhoods, people were surprised to see someone crazy enough to run! I just waved too them as I ran on by! When Spring comes, running on pavement will be a breeze!!

3 miles finished!

My crazy hair afterwards!!!

All of my running gear needed minus my shoes! I can't wait to put on a pair of shorts, tanktop, lace up a pair of shoes and go for a run, it will be so easy!

Spring is coming soon, thankfully. Today, was another snowday for my district, but I'm part-time, so it wasn't a snowday for me :(
A look from my apartment complex. We are still getting more snow!!  Stop already!!!!!

Q: What is the craziest workout conditions you've endured??


Bari said...

I ran the Groundhog Half last year in 14 inches of fresh powder. Tomorrow I think I'm going to run since we're off again.

Sarah said...

Did u run?