Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas! Since the beginning of November, I have been so excited for the arrival of Christmas. I couldn't  wait to start decorating our apartment with all the wonderful new Christmas decorations I have purchased since last year!
First, I was beyond thrilled with these new snowman Cars! These came from Disneyland in California! I love their cone noses! So stinking cute!!

Second, I love these limited edition Ear Hat Ornaments from Disneys Main Street Electrical Parade! Only 500 sets were made. I love that they light up! Every time if see them, I envision the music to the parade.

Third, I love these countdown Disney Christmas Fillable Ornament set! These are so awesome to fill with a note, piece of candy or directions to an item in the house. My husband has been doing an awesome job filling them with great gifts!

Q: What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations?


Bari said...

Awesome ornaments! I can't believe I didn't buy a Disney ornament when I was there in August for my birthday. So dumb :(

Britt said...

I'm super excited for Saturday because Nick and I are going on our annual "E" ornament hunt!

Sarah said...

Bummer. Bari! You can totally do it on their website!

Susan P said...

Love them! I think I know of something you need to add to your decorations. :)

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Unknown said...
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