Saturday, December 28, 2013


I know I haven't blogged hardly at all and it's because I have been studying for my state licensure exam. It's been really hard with the holidays, but I have been so diligent!

Today was the big day and I missed passing the test by 7 stinking points!!!!! 

I'm disappointed, but will resume normal blogging activities and will take the test in another 3 months!!
Failure is a part of life, it doesn't define you, but motivates you to keep moving forward. 


Two Runners Travel said...

Aww bummer! :( I'm sure you're really disappointed. When can you give it another go? Keep your chin up. -Christine

Sarah said...

Christine, I'm not gonna lie , it sucks, but I will just keep pressing forward. I can take it in 90 days with another $300 price tag. My run Disney fund just got lower.