Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

I know these posts are late, but I would rather get them up now, then never!

We woke up Christmas Morning to a house smelling like Cinnamon deliciousness! 
Here is how the Monkey Bread turned out! We then put tons of butter on them! They were super delicious! I'll share my recipe this coming week!
We headed over to my parents house! 
Their Christmas tree has ornaments that were handmade from my great-grandmother who used sequence, ribbon  and beads to make them. My mom loves them. Sorry the picture is blurry. She used to make them with her Grandma! I think they are so neat, especially since my mom has great memories attached to them.

Of course, my sister and I took tons of selfies! She was wearing her ugly decorated Christmas sweater! It was a beauty, for sure!

Then we received lots of phone calls from family down south, so of course we are completely immature and like to make faces to one another as we're on the phone.
We opened gifts with my family, then headed on the snowy roads to my in laws for more Christmas Fun!
Ps. I'm totally wearing a Christmas Vscation Shirt that I covered up, but forgot too in this photo. Oops!!!!!

Then it was back to my parents for the final event! Our Christmas sure was busy!

We had a great day filled with laughter and memories! Oh, and we got a new stainless steel microwave. Exciting right?

My secret Santa also bought me a few Disney DVDs that I needed!

Q; What what your favorite thing about Christmas this year? 


Britt said...

ooooh a microwave that is fun!!

Sarah said...

And it's stainless steel! We're growing up!!