Monday, December 30, 2013

Catching up on Christmas Movies

In this household, we are still catching up on Christmas movies. This is partially due to the fact that I had been studying for my state test. I missed a bunch of them, so we are still watching them. Someone in our family recently asked me how many I own???!  I didn't know, so I decided to give it a count.

We own 101 Christmas DVDs! Sick eh? I couldn't believe it! This year, I believe we added at least twenty to our pile.. Every year, we add more.. These definitely outway our everyday DVDs and soon we will have to get rid of some of them. I'll explain more in our 2014 goals how we plan to declutter, give more and enjoy less.

Here are my top 15!

If you grew up in the 90's, you totally loved the Olsen Twins and " To Grandmothers House We Go" is an absolute favorite of mine, especially since I was close to their age when the movie was filmed and I wanted a Princess Penny doll!!! Any others out there that loved this movie.?? I can't be the only one!!!!

Q: What is your favorite Christmas Movie??


KelseyJ said...

101! You are crazy for Christmas! ;)

Olsen twins movie...gotta love it even though it's so corny!

My fav is A Christmas Story. Mostly because of my memory of watching it with Andrea in college and rolling on the floor laughing so hard we cried. :)

Karen Seal said...

Mickeys Christmas carol is my favorite! Your Christmas DVD collection makes mine look really small! Love your enthusiasm for Christmas movies! :0)

Britt said...

I love Christmas Movies too! But I probably only own like 10... however thanks to Netflix I watch way more than that! Have you seen the one called Snow or Snow 2? I LOVE them!! It stars the Victoria from HIMYM and JD's brother from Scrubs! It's really cute!

Sarah said...

Yes, I do love Christmas!! Oh, what can I say??? It's just who I am ;)