Saturday, December 14, 2013

A December Bride- Monthly Series

" A December Bride" written by Denise Hunter is a new monthly series by Zondervan Publishing Company. I have read other books by Denise Hunter and love them. She's a great author and I will tell you, this is a book you will truly enjoy it .

What started as a accidental engagement, turned into a public one very fast and a bride who isn't so sure she wants to even consider an engagement to the man who has deep affection for her.


 The main characters, Layla and Seth try to pull one over on Layla's Ex-fiance for the sake of Layla holding it together and making her look good, but not only is their a little back stabbing, Layla is also trying to win over a major client, so that she can have a chance to work for his agency, which would help her personal business in the future. 

However, for Seth, this is not a joke and a fake engagement to him, even though he knows it supposed to be. This is a typical girl doesn't like boy, but falls in love with him. It's a feel good book all around and you can't go wrong with reading it. It's a quick read with a little over 100 pages and is the perfect travel companion. I cannot wait to read the next one in this series to see how they all pan out. I have read several other books from Denise Hunter, she does not disappoint.

I was provided an EBook by Zondervan Publishing. I was not compensated for a positive review, but I know you will truly enjoy this book!

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Karen Seal said...

This sounds like a cute book, and I love the reputation of Zondervan! Thanks for sharing!!