Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

This year has been the most insane, crazy, and hardest year ever!!!

It started off in January with a chance to run a Marathon at Disney World. First, running timer running 26.2 Miles and itwas at the best place in the entire world, plus it was my first race out of state!

This was thee best day of my life. If you could have a best day, this was it!!!! It was completely crazy, I thought everything was gonna fall apart, but we made it to that finish line. The weather was awful, I had a UTI infection, and my feet felt like murder, but we made it!

It was then, that I started thinking about this whole notion of Coast to Coast. Go to Disney World & Disneyland in the same year..

Nothing really came about this until sometime later..... When, a snow day happened and I decided to sign us up for Double Dare Dumbo. Had it not been for a crazy snowday, we would have missed out! Registration filled up within an hour. Eek! CRAZY!!!

The Spring came and Michigan, especially in my area, experienced some significant flooding, which is very uncommon for us.

This is a picture of my parents back yard, it was crazy!!  April is when the seizures started to flare up,which has since sent me on several meds, again!!!!

This was also the time I was getting anxious about making a trip to Disney World. This began the planning process of an anniversary trip for the summer.

In May, we celebrated my Birthday and made a trip to Ikea to purchase a scrapbooking desk! 
I was relieved to have the summer off and spent some major R&R time in June, July & August.

I went  Georgia to visit my family and had a blast in the south, love those peeps!  Ran my first 5k out of state there!

Yum! Love Chick Fil A! Wish we had one in the mitten.. Someday..

 Had a blast in Georgia, returned home to watch my brother in law and soon to be sister in law get hitched near the end of June. Our family expanded and continues to grow!
Then we were off camping for the Fourth of July week. I love some camping, reading and lots of good eating!!!
It was not much more than a week later, where we headed to Disney World to visit Mickey Mouse for our third year anniversary. Poor guy, can't believe my husband has had to endure 3 years with me! 

In the middle of all this, we somehow squeezed time in for Dumbo training! We made many trips in August to the beach. I love being surrounded by water. 

We even made it to my favorite Christmas store, Bronners-- it's the largest Christmas Store in the world! I totally wore my ugly sweater!

August was underway and then I started back at school for a couple of days with my crazy social work pals!

And then the next day, boarded a plane to California to participate in my first Run DisneyChallenge, Inagural Dumbo Double   Dare- 10k, backed to a half marathon the next day.

My first 10k took place in California....

And so did my first half Marathon! Ha! I think you're supposed to run a half and then a full marathon, but I do everything backwards! All of these firsts, happened at Disneyland!

We returned home on a high, ready to start up a new school year, although this school year had more challenges than I thought it would. More, than I would like to admit, that's for sure!
As a result of med changes, workouts became increasingly difficult and I really struggled to find motivation. Seizures continued to take place with no real solutions and more medication changes.

The pills became more frustrating and continued to lead us down a path of questions,which resulted into a new doctor, an Epileptolpgist.

 He led us down a new journey, with a possible different seizure diagnosis that has yet to be determined. 

The medication has resulted into some major health changes and has slowed down my running for the end of 2013.

Although 2013 hasn't ended on a super high note, it has been an awesome year!

I ran a 5k in Georgia
10k- California
Half Marathon - California
Full Marathon - Florida

The only distances I didn't cover, were a 25k and an ultra, but I'm thinking an ultra isn't in the books, ever!!!

Tonight, I hopped back on the treadmill after months off. I'm ready to start running again. My mood has changed, the med change has helped, I'm not studying for my licensure daily and I'm ready to tackle a few races on my bucket list.

Q: In reviewing 2013, what is the best memory you've made? Biggest mistake? Best Day? 


Britt said...

That is a crazy amount of races this year Sarah!!! Way to go!! I pray in 2014 the new doc figures out your seizures and you can live the rest of your life without that insane fear!

The Pavement Princess said...

Looks like you had an amazing year! I didn't know you did your first full, then your first half. You go girl! Best of luck to you in 2014!


Sarah said...

Thank you, darling! I pray your hubby finds a job, we connect in real life and you get prego ;)

Sarah said...

Ashley, kinda did that backwards huh? Actually, I have ran a 25k (15.5miles) 4x so, I have done a half marathon in training, but never an actual race. It's all good!

Bari said...

You had a great year! Best memory - hard to say, there were quite a few, mostly involving traveling to races and meeting online friends in real life. Biggest regret was running too much. I'm hoping to stay much healthier in 2014.