Sunday, November 24, 2013

What's Christmas without drama?

Whats a little drama without Christmas? 

Last night, Drew and I were putting up our Christmas decorations and we're having a great time!
 We got ornaments on on tree and were just enjoying ourselves. We were having a great time and we were reminiscing about all of our ornaments and unique Christmas decorations.

Drew decided to start vacuuming as we had fake needles everywhere. All of a sudden he starts yelling and proceeds to motion fore to shut off the vacuum cleaner. Then he starts hobbling and I see blood dripping everywhere.

Blood is all over our carpet and puddles on our flooring. Blood doesn't bother me, so I handled the situation very calmly.

He gets into the bathroom and applies pressure.
Every time he took off the gauze, it kept bleeding. 

We weren't sure what he stepped on and if he was up to date on his tentaus shot, so off to urgent care we went last night.
He was a good patient! He got himself a tentaus shot, a foot bath and they wrapped him up!  He was more concerned about if this would affect his ability to run.....  

We later found out he stepped on a Christmas bulb. Oops!!! Watch out for those things as you prepare for the holidays..

Q: Have you experienced any holiday trips to the hospital??


Bari said...

Ouch! Hope he heals up quickly. No holiday trips to ER here.

Susan P said...

I'm laughing at Drew's face when you are taking his picture while he's holding his foot. :) Only stuff like this happens to the Storms!! Glad he is on the mend. Did you talk to him in an accent to make him feel better? Cuz I know how much he loves that. ;)

Sarah said...

Lol, only the storms is right Sue!! He is doing good.. Watch out for those Christmas light bulbs!!

Karen Seal said...

GIRL! Oh my gosh I'm glad he's crazy! Love your Marathon weekend ornament, too! :0)