Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful November

This month as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to remind myself all of things I'm thankful for. I love this month and the opportunity to reflect on all of the wonderful blessing I have in my life. In today's culture, it is very easy for us to find the areas in which we are lacking. Comparison is so easy to do, that we sometimes don't even realize we are comparing our lives to someone else. I'm guilty of this. 
For the month of November, I will be writing about things I am thankful about in preparation for the month of December

This weekend, I am thankful for these three things....

1) The Fall Colors!
Michigan has beautiful fall colors, especially when leaves change from the sunlight. I am thankful for the beautiful colors that paint the trees and the leaves.

 I am thankful for.....

2) Sunlight
 I love the four seasons of Michigan, but I get depressed with the lack of sunlight here. That is the hardest part about living here. We have the most beautiful Summers, but our Winter can be long. I am thankful for the sun peaking through the clouds!

Finally, I am thankful......  3) to run again.

October threw some health challenges that made running very difficult and my body just needed the rest. I'm thankful to have not got only 1 run in, but 3 runs this past week. The mileage is low and I can tell my body isn't ready for longer mileage right now, but I'm sure thankful to lace a pair of shoes and go running. 

Q: What are you thankful for this weekend?


Britt said...

I love that you always remember to take a selfie before or after you go running! Cracks me up!

Sarah said...

Hahaha. I know.. I like to look and see if my face gets skinner! Ha!

Susan P said...

I am thankful for rain and sunshine!!