Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankful for Literacy

November 2-

Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to read, especially children's books. I have always loved Children's books and have secretly wanted to be a librarian or work for a major publishing company reviewing books and talking with authors. As a child, I was not a very good reader and actually had to spend a lot of time in small groups working with a Grandma volunteer who taught me how to read.  I remember earning rewards and books the more I read. I really excelled in that environment and have loved to read ever since. 

My husband is amazed at how quickly I finish books and I think as a child, had I not had the little old grandma who helped me at school, books may have not come alive to me, the way they do now. I treasure my book collection. I love reading books to my students and encourage them to find the joys of reading.

I recently was given the opportunity to review a Children's book and I squealed with delightment at the opportunity.  ( I secretly wished we had kids right now! )

 "The Sparkle Box"  is written by Jill Hardie and is sure to bring you to tears and the true meaning of Christmas

 This book is sure to be a tradition in my family and I think could be a tradition in yours. The book is about a boy named Sam. Sam is excited about Christmas and can't wait to open the "sparkle box" on Christmas.

 Each day he asks his mom about the Sparkle box and if anything is added inside, and each day she tells him he has to wait until Christmas to open the box. The family participates in random acts of kindness throughout the month. On Christmas Day, Sam opens the Sparkle Box to find slips of paper that have all of the gifts he had given others. The Sparkle Box isn't for Sam, but for someone else.

 You're sure to love the meaning and message of the "Sparkle Box." This book brought tears to my eyes. To find ideas and ways to use this book, go here!

Thank you to PR by the Book for providing me a copy to review. This is my personal opinion.


Britt said...

I want one!!!

Sarah said...

You totally need this book! I love it.. Made me cry. As soon as we have our student loans paid off and can afford a house, we are gonna start popping kids out.

Susan P said...

I want one too!!! I might need to put this under our tree for our kiddos. :) I have Colleen Coble's "The Blessing Jar" - sounds a little like it. We have had a "blessing jar" on our counter since last year - putting little blessings in it on paper. I can't wait to read all those this Christmas!!