Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Strong ripping Winds

Sunday, we got very lucky! I don't that I believe it was luck, but we were definitely protected from many of the storms that happened in Illinois. The storms that ripped through Illinois, came over the lakes and headed straight for our area. We received high winds and huge amounts of rain fall. Not typical for the mitten! 

Many parts of the mitten have more damage than others. My husband had to go in to work because afterall, he does work for a news station. I stayed home to hold the fort and make sure my 90-year-old neighbors were okay.

We had lots of rain and it actually rain sideways, and I have never seen it happen in Michigan, pretty cool until....

I started to notice that water was dripping from my ceiling and then I noticed, it was on our TV stand and then I realized it was on all of our cords and TV. 

           Can you see the drip spots?

             The water damage??

I immediately unplugged everything, turned off everything, and started to move a 50 pound TV stand with DVDs all by myself.  The thing is a beast! I got my workout in.

All in all, ouR TV works, our TV stand has minor water damage and we're both safe with power, electricity and our possessions. I feel very blessed and I know we are the fortunate ones. 

Please support, pray and help families as they are facing these losses a week before Thanksgiving. 

Please help by donating to the RED Cross!!

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