Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Christmas Candle

Max Lucado is an author that never disappoints. You never have to wonder if his book is going to be good or not, they all are.


This little fiction novel took me 1 hour to read from start to finish. It is such a cute Christmas tale and it took me into a different world. The story has several families who are hoping for a Christmas miracle. One particular family has held the tradition of having the candle, which has been passed down year after year. Every twenty five years, the angel visits and blesses someone's family.
The whole towns get involved and knows of this tradition. Several families in the community are needing the miracle of The Christmas Candle, but only one family can receive the miracle. Many families are asking the candle maker and his wife for the special Christmas candle, so they are able to receive the blessing. 

The book ends in a very expecting way, but ties the miracle of the Christmas Candle and each family experiences a miracle. This book is such a great story and will become a traditional December read!

Thanks Booksneeze for a great book!

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