Thursday, October 17, 2013

Round 4!

I updated you all on Monday of some weird and serious health issues, that have no ANSWERS!  

The doctors can't figure me out. I need to see HOUSE! Maybe he can diagnosis me. 

Blood work- normal
mono screen- normal
rash- unidentified, not clearing up despite steroid treatment.

However, I went to see my Neuro Monday, because of the oddities, they got me in to see him and we are on a new seizure medication.
 Keppra, come wreck havoc on my body, like every other medication does! 

I can't say I'm excited about being on a third medication in the past 5 months, but maybe  was having allergic reaction and  finally all the symptoms were adding up?

Possible, sure.

Might explain the rash.
Odd blood work from September.
Crazy swollen lymph nodes.

Who knows? On medication #4

Here goes nothing! Let's hope I can manage a medication for more than 2 months or else, well, I'm not sure.

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Britt said...

How's it going so far??