Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Roads, New Races

After having a series of health related issues, I decided to take a month off from running. It's one of those decisions you know you'll regret at some point, but you also know the re-percussions  from not listening to your body.

 If you're a runner or an athlete, you totally understand. Running is my drug of choice; it helps me relax, return to being a human and relieves incredible amounts of stress. Without running, I'm a much more grumpy, tired, stressed and highly anxious person. My poor husband has had to live with me the past three weeks and he can vouch, I'm completely different when I stop running.

The time off has allowed my body to re-focus, adjust to new ant-ileptics meds and gain a better perspective about running. Funny how that happens huh? 

Yesterday, I was feeling sorry for myself, especially since I hadn't been running. I decided I needed to throw on my new pair of Saucony and get out there. 

I love Saucony Pro Grid Guides! I heard the new Guides have a smaller toe box, which makes me disappointed. I use to love ASICS, but they went a smaller toe box, which is why I switched to Saucony. No worries. I have another pair stocked up.

Also, I need new running pants! Mine don't fit. They are too big, such sad problems to have, I know.

 But seriously, what are your favorite pants? 

I need recommendations! ASAP!  

After completing 2.5 miles, which is nothing, but is a run, I'm ready to get back out there. I have committed to running 2x a week for the next month. This will help my body get back in the groove without over doing it and hopefully this is the beginning of new roads, new races and lots of fun!

Ps. Christine over at We Run Disney ran her FIRST marathon this weekend! Such an accomplishment! So proud of you girl!! Her re-cap is up and I'm so excited to read it! Check it out!  

Happy Tuesday! 


Bari said...

We need to run together. Soon

Britt said...

I'm glad you could get out and run even just for a bit!

Sarah said...

It felt so good, we should run Bari!!