Friday, October 18, 2013

Ms. Gosselin, I love your cookbook!!!

I admit, I have NEVER been a cook. It's just not been my thing, 

I'm getting ready for my blog to hit some controversy right now and I've endured the hater twitter comments, so I'm ready...

I love this cookbook.
I know a lot of people are not fond of Ms. Kate Gosselin and we can all admit she made parenting mistakes, but who hasn't? I can't imagine raising 8 children all in one household and 6 of them the same age? I have a lot of respect for her, despite her flaws and believe me, look in the mirror, you have them too. I know, I do. 
When her cookbook released, I was hesitant, but I always wondered how she fed her family healthy meals, organic as much as possible and with 10 people? How do you even being to budget that? So, I decided to get it and take a stab at this whole "cooking thing" and I have found it to be quite fun!

Her recipes are simple, easy and I have the ingredients. I don't have to have my entire grocery budget filled with different spices and odd ingredients that I will never use, except for one recipe. Don't you hate that?

We love her CHICKEN ENCHALIDA'S RECIPE! Delicious! I am also in the process of making her delicious MONKEY BREAD! If you watched her TLC show, she made this on one of her episodes, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this recipe!

 All in all, I love this cookbook and it's great to see the pictures of how grown up her kids are. You may not like her and that is fine, but give her recipes a try!


Bari said...

I'm a cookbook junkie. I have a bunch but rarely use them because my family wants the same things for dinner every week. Maybe I need to check her book out.

Sarah said...

It's an easy cookbook, with great things in it.. I highly recommend.

Britt said...

I was just watching Say Yes to the Dress the other day and she was picking out a dress for her vow renewal ceremony.... hmmm I guess that was a long time ago!