Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Drew

It's my husband's Birthday today! Happy Birthday, ANDY! I mean, Drew.

It wouldn't be a Birthday without a little Disney flare! Last night while he was at work, I baked him a cake. He loves confetti cake mix!

While we were at Disney World for vacation this summer, I purchased this awesome bake-ware. You can put it in the oven or microwave. It would be awesome for pot-pies, brownies, cakes or anything else fun.

 I decided I should try it out for Drew's Birthday!

Poured in the mix and stuck it in the oven. My fingers were crossed, hoping it would turn out awesome. I checked the oven every so often, just to be sure.

 It came out really poofy. The cake was rising so much higher than I expected. Note to self: Don't put so much mix in.

I let it cool and then frosted and of course, dumped tons of sprinkles! 


Do you ever wonder what you should do with all of these gold seals they give you when your purchase a card from Hallmark? I love to make fun decorations on cards! I stock up on them and even ask for EXTRA!

This was my attempt at MICKEY EARS...

 Next time, I think I will make one giant mickey head!

What are some of your Birthday traditions???


Two Runners Travel said...

Cute cake Sarah! Hope Drew had a great birthday!

Sarah said...

It was a blast to make!!

Britt said...

Rainbow Bit cake is my favourite too!!!! Love it! I have a big flower shaped cake pan and sometimes it's hard to get the cake cooked all the way in the middle so I'm glad yours worked!