Monday, October 28, 2013

Fifteen Minutes + Goodmail = happy girl

In the wake of dealing with crisis after crisis last week with students, I needed MAJOR down time. The less human interaction this past weekend, the better, so I could cope. Usually, I cope with running, but my body has been on major shutdown mode from running. I'm hoping to start November back running again. Anyways, I was thrilled beyond words to receive this in the mail! 
I love mail. 
 Do you love mail? 
Am I the only one who knows my postman on a first name basis?

Karen Kingsbury will be an author for years to come known as a writer who can weave an inspirational story into another one. She is so very talented at writing books and making characters come to life. Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to read " Fifteen Minutes" before its release date and I LOVE it!

This book is about a young man named Zach who goes off to a show called "Fifteen Minutes" in hopes to help his family farm survive and get the right treatment for his younger sister with Down Syndrome. He leaves home his precious girlfriend and promises to show the world the love for his creator. Upon getting on the famous singing show, he meets a girl who promises to be his friend, but the show turns their friendship into a T.V romance, which ruins his relationship with his girlfriend. His family is completed disappointed with his behavior and doesn't even recognize him anymore. He doesn't even recognize himself anymore.

Is Zack willing to risk everything to lose his life, to help gain his life or will his loss be temporary?  
This book was great and I don't believe the ending ties up all my questions. I wonder if a sequel will be available to this book? If so, I want to read it.  Big Thank you to Howard Books for providing me a review copy for my honest review.

Need a good book recommendation? Maybe you're getting on a plane or need something to fill your time during lunch? This is a great book and I give it five stars completely

Happy Reading!

What is your favorite kind of mail?? Would you rather get email?


Bari said...

Sounds like a good book. I haven't read for fun in forever.

Sarah said...

Oh, Bari!!!!! I can't believe that.. You must read for fun.. My heart breaks for you. Do you like to read books??

Britt said...

I love her books! Always a good cry!

Sarah said...

Always a good cry, plus, a good story. This is based off an American Idol contestant too.. Can you guess who Britt?

Susan P said...

You and me both!! My postman thinks I'm fun to deliver for - always a package or two. :) I LOVE getting mail and get especially excited when I see those yellow media mailers show up. It's like Christmas!
I just finished Shenandoah Nights - I highly recommend it for a fun Christian romance read.