Thursday, October 3, 2013

Decisions- Road Warrior Application or Not?

Our community has this awesome run called the 5th Third River Bank run. It is the largest 25k (15.5miles) in the world. I have ran this sucker four times in the craziest conditions! 
 My bling from 4 races.
 First RiverBank

 Second Riverbank

 Third Riverbank

 2012 Riverbank

So, they have this awesome thing called being a Road Warrior..

You're asking, what is a Road Warrior? It's a team of 10 people handpicked to represent the community and run this race and several other races. The "road warrior" participates in tons of sponsored events, receives some awesome running gear and meets some cool peeps along the way.  It sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

Applications are currently out and the deadline is the end of this month. I am contemplating applying. My husband says that I have a good story and that people might be inspired by my story. Who knows? MAYBE.... He says it will help me get faster too.. 

However, I'm struggling. I want my feet to heal, and I don't really want to try something new. I might not even get picked, so why spend this emotional energy and not get picked? They also have a community vote, where the community gets to pick 1 individual and the other 9 are picked by the Riverbank team. You must blog weekly and attend a bunch of trainings..

Should I apply for it? Would you go for it? Vote for me? 

Feeling insecure about this..


Susan P said...

I will start this with OF COURSE you could do it and rock it. The question is: is it right for you right NOW. Do you feel you could give it your 100% attention? What is your motivation behind it?
You gave me some awesome advice a while back about starting something new, and made me realize I was already doing what I was meant to do. I bring that advice back to you - I have no doubt you could totally do this, when the time is right. Is that time right now? If so, then we are behind you ALL the way. :) Prayers!

Britt said...

I was going to comment but Susan's comment says it all!

Sarah said...

Awwe. I still don't know what to do. I think it would be an awesome opportunity. I don't know.. AHHH.. HATE THAT...

Unknown said...
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