Sunday, October 20, 2013


This morning, I am going to have a catscan done on my lower right quadrin of my stomach. The procedure itself should be pretty painless, but the prep is awful!

To prep for the procedure, you have to drink 1 full bottle of this chalky milk crap and then it's suppose to clear the system, as well as light up your organs during the scan. In addition, you have to drink a full bottle the morning of your procedure, as well. 

My stomach is soo full and uncomfortable with all this liquid. Nothing else has happened, which shows me a problem. Welp, I guess we will wait and see if they will give me results there of if I will have to wait a couple of days. I'm hoping this will explain a lot of my weird symptoms and ultimately get me back in the game to RUN!!!

Happy Monday! 

What did y'all do this weekend?


Britt said...

Woah! New blog look!!! Love it! You must be bored without the running! I hope you get answers from this silly test!

Sarah said...

Hahhah!!! Glad you like it:)

Andrew Storm said...

You must have an awesome husband who made that new header and color scheme for you :) I love you button!

Karen Seal said...

Hope you find out some answers soon!!