Sunday, October 27, 2013

A little Magical Inspiration

I think it's just best for me to say, I've been a hot mess lately. Without a lot of details and breaking confidentiality, I am going through a lot of difficult things with many of my students and it had left me drained.  Much so, that three night ago on Pinterest, I pinned for three hours. Who knows if ill ever actually make the pins, but I needed to go to a "nothing" box, you know the kind your husband has when he sits in front of the T.V.? Yea, I had to do that. This past week beat me up.

After having some time off running, I really miss it, especially when things get stressful. It's the best way to burn off stress. I do miss it and hope to find the motivation to get back out there and run.

This whole month I have been studying for my licensure exam, it's the reason Im off Facebook and I gotta say, I love bring off Facebook. That might sound crazy, but it sure is great! I'm not wasting hours daily wondering what other people are doing, but instead I'm studying with that gained amount of time. It's wonderful!
#Disney #KeepCalm #Blue #MickeyEars #Quotes, also wanted to show you a new amazing weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet

What have you been doing this weekend? 


Bari said...

I'm sorry work has been stressful for you. That was me a few weeks ago for sure. When I pin stuff, it's usually recipes, which is a bit dangerous.

I did a lot of running this weekend - over 10 miles total - This is the most I've run since the end of August and I'm feeling it.

Karen Seal said...

I sure hope the stress dies down for you soon...sorry it's been so rough! I understand about Pinterest! Glad you were able to find something to take your mind off everything. This weekend was spent cleaning out the attic, garage, and cars. Hard work but worth it in the end! :0)

Two Runners Travel said...

Stress makes life more difficult and I am sorry you have been struggling with this at work. Hopefully you will have some fun with the Pinterest items and enjoy Halloween this week!

Britt said...

Oh man - it's unfortunate that your job is so stressful, but what you're doing is needed! I'm sure you are a blessing to those around you at work, even when times are tough!

I'll have to check out what you pinned!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, ya'll are so sweet! I'm so thankful for such a great community of people behind me. Ya'll are such a blessing!!!