Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Christmas Gift for Rose

 Tricia Goyer is the author of a new title called " A Rose for Christmas." If you know me, I love everything Christmas and anything to do with books. You might be thinking it's to early to be thinking about Christmas, but less than a month from now, we will be in full blown holiday mode.

Back to the book.. 

A Rose for Christmas is about this Amish girl named Rose who loved a man named Jonathan. Jonathan decided to go into the service as a medic. Rose loved him, but did not approve of his choice and she decided he was no longer the man of he dreams. Jonathan loved Rose and wrote him while he was away. This did not persuade Rose. Jonathan returned home shortly before Thanksgiving. As Rose and her mother begin to prepare for the Thanksgiving festivities, Rose learns that years ago when she was four, her family abandoned her and the family she lives with now, took her in. Rose is in complete shock by this news and feels completely alone. She discovers her real family was English.

A Christmas Gift for Rose

Now, I can't give a lot more of the story away, but the questions becomes does Rose truly discover the secret behind her real family? Are her and Jonathan destined to be together or he her brother? Better read the book to find out.

You can read this book in two hours. It's a small and quick read! Do I recommend it for the holidays? Totally!!

Thank you Zondervan books for allowing me to review this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.


Karen Seal said...

too early for Christmas?! NEVER! Love Zondervan and Bethany House and oh my goodness you made my day! I'm definitely going to check this book out! Thanks!! :0)

Susan P said...

Too early for Christmas?! HAHA, silly girl. I told Alex we were putting up the Christmas tree next week. She was so excited I almost couldn't tell her I was kidding. lol