Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10 Ways to stay healthy for races

Lots of people are getting sick right now, I don't know if it's the season or the fact that we are starting to see the snowflakes here in Michigan. I know many of you are running Wine & Dine coming up and will be making travels from different areas or maybe you're just trying to maintain health for a big race, these are my tops tips to staying healthy...

1) Wash your hands frequently.  Our hands are the main carries of germs and viruses, make sure to wash them frequently throughout the day.

2) Take Vitamin C daily- I take a Vitamin C tablet 2-3x a week or Emergecy C.

3) Avoid touching doorknobs and use cleaner on them frequently at home.

4) Make sure you're getting plenty of rest each night. Get between 8-10 hours of sleep, this will help avoid compromising your immune system.

5) Drink plenty of fluids- I aim for 48oz a day. I have a hard time drinking more than that, but a lot of people I know drink way more water. Water will flush the toxins out of your body.

6) Avoid touching your face, rubbing your eyes or picking your teeth.

7) Make sure you're eating fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your digestive system on track, which will help your immunity.

8) Avoid touching things in public places like rails, shelves, sanitizing the shopping cart to the grocery store.

9) Soak in Epsom salt in the bath tub. It draws toxins away from your body.

10) Listen to your body. I can't stress that enough. If you're out on a run and your body isn't feeling it, go home and rest it up. Decrease the mileage and speed that day.

 What are your tips for staying healthy?

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Bari said...

I should've read all these about a week ago. I'd also add - sanitize your phone and computer.