Monday, September 9, 2013

Run Disney Race Expo

Last weekend we were apart of Dumbo Double Dare inaugural race events, which I think includes the expo. Due to Dumbo Double Dare, it forced racers to go on the same day, which made it a MAD HOUSE!

It was a mad house and that is no joke. The amount of in-saneness and frustration is an understatement. We arrived right as packet-pick up opened and it was insane. Lines for expos and lines for packet-pickup. No one knew where they were going or what they were doing or which line they should pick to get in. 

Workers were confused, people were confused, it was hot and frustration was growing.  IT WAS CHAOS. I love RunDisney events, but the expo needs to get figured out a little better, because it was NUTS!

 We waited hours for our merchandise. At least 2.5 hours, if not longer. It was hard to be patient, but with Disney folks, you're always in good company. We actually were behind the oldest woman to run the challenge. We had the opportunity to hear Jeff Galloway speak. He of course, is such an inspiration to runners!

We continued to wait in line....

 I had the opportunity to meet Ali Vincent! She was so great. She is very down to earth and so personable. What a joy she was!

My husband and I even got our RUN Disney shoes, which was total luck of the draw. They just happened to have a pair in my size. I was so stoked! 8.5 is hard to find even in running shoes at home. It was crazy. After waiting almost 3 hrs for coast to coast merchandise, I didn't even think they would have a pair in stock, but to my luck, THEY DID! 

It made waiting in line WORTH the time!!  

Although the expo was crazy, the fact they had my shoes, redeemed the entire adventure. Any crazy race expo stories out there?



Two Runners Travel said...

The expo was an exercise in patience and I am glad we were able to purchase the runDisney merchandise we wanted. We lucked out by being at the Expo early and only waited about 30 minutes to check out, maybe a little less.

Sarah said...

I saw you guys in line, but I couldn't get to you. So many people! It was an exercise in patience for sure. I think it would be fantastic if you could pre-order merchandise online. We saw tons of people with gobs of shirts in their hands. However, I hear they are going to release more run Disney merchandise online, so hopefully we will get some DDD merchandise there!

Britt said...

Those Shoes are so cool! Glad they had your size!