Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DisneyLand Part 1

 How can you not smile when you see that train station? Instantly, you know you're transplanted to a different world.

On a snow-day, I booked our wonderful Dumbo Double Dare race and was so nervous about it, which led us to California and of course visiting the Disney Parks.  We had never been to Disneyland and were very unsure of what to expect from this adventure, but we knew it would be awesome!

I love this quote!

I was so excited to get the first glance at Disneyland. Of course, I could wait to see Sleeping Beauty Castle. I love girly things and always get misty eyed when I see Cinderella's Castle.

We couldn't wait to get on the Matterhorn Bobsleds! We had read a lot online about this ride and this is one of the icons Disneyland is known for, so we definitely needed to get on this ride.

We then found out it was closed. Major bummer.. However, it didn't stop us from exploring the park and having fun.

 We then caught an awesome ride in this submarine. Um, this thing was pretty much the ultimate. My favorite thing, hands down! Maybe I am easy to please, but getting in a submarine and being submerged in water is just so cool. It also helps that I was able to see the Nemo gang, which is my favorite Disney Movie.

 We of course saw Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is much smaller than the one in Magic Kingdom, but it is very quaint and I like that feeling from it. Big doesn't always mean better.

 It actually has a working drawbridge, but has always been put down once and then is when the park opened. Pretty cool eh?

 We happened to catch the parade. It was fun, not as big as Disney World, but you have to be open to new experiences at Disneyland.

My husband has great video of this parade. It was pretty fun.

You can't help but love Mickey and Minnie! They are fabulous!   

Other than the weather being crazy hot, we had a great adventure at the park. I have lots more pictures, but I want to split it into sections so I am able to hold the memories.


Jenn said...

Hopefully you got on Matterhorn later on in the week when it re-opened! Glad to see you guys had a great time!

Unknown said...
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