Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney Land Part 2- Magic Kingdom My Favs.

 Mad Tea Party has always been one of my absolute favorite rides at Disney World! To be able to experience this one completely outside and not under a cover pavilion.

It's a Small World is my second favorite ride. I love to ride it at Disney World. No trip is complete without riding this gem.  I LOVED the Disneyland version SO MUCH BETTER! 

I only wished we had the opportunity to go on it several times so I could soak it up I just loved this being outside. I also heard they had a show similar to the Magic Kingdom castle show, but we were so tired with the time difference, we could barely stay up.

My other favorite place is Toontown, but Disney World got rid of this and that makes me so sad. I was so excited to experience this at Disneyland.

Toontown in California is awesome! I just think it's so fun! Not a thrill ride, great for the kids, but I love the attention to detail here. 

We waited less than 5 minutes to meet Mickey Mouse! That would never happen in Disney World unless you have a fast pass..

These are part of my favorite spots at Magic Kingdom that differ from Magic Kingdom at Disney World! I miss Disney World and really want to visit for Christmas this year. I don't think that will happen, but maybe next year?


Britt said...

That place looks like a blast! So much fun! I like Drew's shirt!

Sarah said...

Haha. He gets so many compliments on that shirt. He is a dork!