Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 1 of Disneyland

We arrived to LA and I was surprised by the trash on the highway, the traffic and how many hotels were in Anaheim. We decided not to buy a park ticket the first day, but instead eat, shop and rest.

Of course if you want to shop, Downtown Disney is the best place to find all of your Disney Merchandise. We headed to my favorite place, World of Disney! 
 I LOVED these Disney Sweaters, but they didn't look good on me. Hate when then happens!

Lego Beauty & the Beast!

We stopped by the Disneyland Hotel to visit and we thought it was a really cool hotel. I'm sure at some point when we visit California again, we would stay at a Disney Land Hotel. It didn't feel quite the same as if we were in Disney World. I missed that extra Disney magic.

We both thought this map was so cool. It had all the landmarks and rides at Disneyland. It was so cool! We tried to get the picture without the glare, but it was so hard because of the lights shinning on it.
Downtown Disney Land is much different than I had thought it would be, but I really enjoyed it and made good memories!

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