Monday, September 30, 2013

I've caught a bug.

This morning during a 2.5 mile run, I was thinking  " I wish I was training for a marathon." I miss the long fall runs that we did last year for our Disney Marathon.  That thought was quickly interrupted by bits of hacking, spitting and trying to catch my breath.

It was that moment when I realized I have OFFICIALLY caught a bug. This weekend I felt something in my chest, but was hoping it was a passing moment.

Clearly, it wasn't..

Here goes to a week of resting, getting lots of sleep, drinking Vitamin C and some smaller runs...

What are your best tips to get healthy and ward off sickness????

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pink Heaven

Did you know... I have never done a 5k walk that offered a run? I have never participated in an organized event where I wasn't running. Crazy eh?

My mom, mother-in-law and two of her friends wanted to do this walk, so I was up for it. It's pink heaven, so why not? It supports a great cause and it's for women. PERFECT.

I totally wasn't thinking and didn't wear my shirt.. OOPS! Everyone else was, but yeah...
 I love my mamma!

Pink and white balloons that were released into the sky. It was beautiful. I had tears in my eyes. I'm a sap! 

Of course a picture with the home-depot guy is completely necessary, especially when he reminds me of Mr. Frederickson from UP! 

Of course, sporting my pink shoes. I don't know why I didn't wear my pink polka dot skirt. I was so disorganized for this event. I think my brain does much better when I prepare for a race. I just woke up and threw whatever I found, of course, I styled my ASICS breast cancer shoes, but nothing else. EPIC FAIL.
 However, I love this pink truck and would totally drive it to work. 

And the dog with the pink tutu just rocks! So stinking cute!

Lessons learned: Wear more pink.
Be prepared.
I'm running it next year, cuz my brain clearly sucks when preparing for a walk event.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Overcoming the Impossible

In our culture, forgiveness is not a topic that is easily understood, done or felt. We tend to walk around carrying our knapsack full of anger, bitterness and hatred. If someone has offended us, we don't forgive, but seek a way to get back or we carry our anger towards them.

A bitter heart, leads to an unhappy life full of resentment. I don't want to live that way and neither do you.

This book is like a devotional book with 50 stories of people have gone through through tremendous tragedy, loss, pain and FORGIVENESS. When you read the stories of some of these individuals, you know that they would not be able to humanly forgive for some of the things they have experienced, but only through the grace of God! This book is amazing and gave me goosebumps as I was reading it. Truly, this was a game changer. It started to remind me that in certain areas of my life, I'm holding on to some bitterness, when I need to be forgiving others. If you identify and could use some work in this area, I suggest picking up this book. I can't say enough good stuff about this book. It is small and can fit in your purse or in a brief case for a lunch other devotional reading. It just brings you back to the reality of what's important in life. 

Thank you Thomas Nelson for helping me overcome the impossible!

The Women of Christmas

“Less than 3 months away till Christmas. I think it's only fair I start posting some Christmas books to get you thinking about this wonderful season!
"Christmas is so much more than a holiday. So much more than wrapping, buying, cooking and eating and trimming with tinsel and mailing out cards. It’s a season for reflection, for preparation and renewal.”

Does this sound little bit like you? The person who is rushing through the Christmas Holiday just to get it over or the person who can’t wait till Christmas is over with? Maybe you’re not truly enjoying the holiday season and all it has to offer? That quote just stuck with me and made me realize, I need to re-think Christmas a little differently.

The Women of Christmas: Experience the Season Afresh with Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna
Mary, Elizabeth and Anna, 3 women chose by God to play a important role in the lives of Jesus' birth and God had a specific person why he used them. As you read each of the accounts of their lives and their stories, you will see what their role is, how they can waited on God and why we should trust him in the big, small and otherwise.

The book focuses on these 3 women and tells the stories of their lives. I never really knew the story of Elizabeth, so this was really good for me to read. I knew bits and pieces of Mary's life and a bit about Anna, but this put everything into great perspective for me. The Author Liz Curtis Higgs has a great sense of humor when writing this book. I loved this book and her view on the lives of these women.

Would I recommend this book? Heck, yes! This book would be a great small group discussion book with a group of ladies for the month of November to prepare or even December to keep your head and heart in the right direction during the Christmas season.

I received this book free from Waterbrook, I was not compensated nor required to write a positive review.  

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and am in no way obligated to leave a positive review.

50% off the Ugly Sweater Grand Rapids Run

Yesterday, marked 3 months till Christmas. Can believe we are almost there. Wow, I just can't believe we are almost to October. I have a pretty cool offer if you live in the Grand Rapids Area.

A new 5k called "The Ugly Sweater " run  on December 1, 2013. Here are the details!


5k race in your ugly sweater- Awards for Ugliest Sweater, Best Sweater, fake mustache, real mustache and best beard.

Each runner receives-
* a custom vintage knit hat 
*unlimited hot chocolate
*two free Winter Lagers
* a mustache
*tons of reasons to take crazy holiday photos!

You won't want to miss this race! 

I have a special unique code for a certain amount of participants that will get you 50% off your race entry fee. They made is just for you and I think that is off the HOOK!

CODE: Storm50

Cost w/ Code $20

This code is only good till tomorrow (Friday), so start registering. I have a limit amount of spots, once they fill up, the code is no longer good.

I also have heard if you register through Facebook, you get an additional discount, but I cannot confirm or deny that it works.. :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney Land Part 2- Magic Kingdom My Favs.

 Mad Tea Party has always been one of my absolute favorite rides at Disney World! To be able to experience this one completely outside and not under a cover pavilion.

It's a Small World is my second favorite ride. I love to ride it at Disney World. No trip is complete without riding this gem.  I LOVED the Disneyland version SO MUCH BETTER! 

I only wished we had the opportunity to go on it several times so I could soak it up I just loved this being outside. I also heard they had a show similar to the Magic Kingdom castle show, but we were so tired with the time difference, we could barely stay up.

My other favorite place is Toontown, but Disney World got rid of this and that makes me so sad. I was so excited to experience this at Disneyland.

Toontown in California is awesome! I just think it's so fun! Not a thrill ride, great for the kids, but I love the attention to detail here. 

We waited less than 5 minutes to meet Mickey Mouse! That would never happen in Disney World unless you have a fast pass..

These are part of my favorite spots at Magic Kingdom that differ from Magic Kingdom at Disney World! I miss Disney World and really want to visit for Christmas this year. I don't think that will happen, but maybe next year?

2 for 1- Love Endures

The Love Endures collection has many different titles.  I had the opportunity to review two of them written by Grace Livingston Hill.
 The Substitute Guest written by Grace Livingston Hill is a book that you will re-read from years to come. This book is a book that I will read yearly during the Christmas Season. The Substitute Guest is about family, good friends, romance and helping others.  Alan Monteith decides to help a sick woman on Christmas Eve by delivering medication, but his car breaks down at Daryl Deveraux's home during the middle of a blizzard. Daryl wants to just have a family holiday, but when Alan arrives at her house, everything changes. Her brother offers to go up the mountain with Alan to deliver the medicine. The two trek in the blizzard as Daryl is left at home to worry for her brother and Alan. Will the two make it up the mountain in the time to deliver the medicine? Will Daryl have the opportunity to get to know Alan? Will the two fall in love or will she lose her brother and Alan in the blizzard?

As the Christmas season approaches us, I highly recommend picking up this book! You will enjoy it as you sit cozy in a blanket drinking hot chocolate. This book will take you to a different world. I loved this book! It was my favorite out of both titles.
 Do you love a good mystery? Do you want a page turner that will keep you guessing as to what will happen next? Kerry is the daughter of a scientist who was in the middle of writing a book when he passed. Her mother marries Sam Morgan (Multimillionaire) six months after the death of her father. Her mother was always in love with Sam and it's evident. Kerry's father wanted Kerry to finish the book if he passed away. As Kerry begins to start her journey to New York, things start missing. Someone aboard the ship is out to expose her fathers work. She meets a man named Graham Mc Nair who wants to speak with her. He knew her father when he was very young or so he claims. This man is eager to help Kerry. Will this be the man she falls in love with? The man after her fathers work or the one who helps her discover who on board is trying to steal her fathers work? The only way to know, is to read the book! 
This book is a quick read and anyone will like this book. I loved the mystery in it and found it to be an enjoyable read. Each page kept me wondering  and guessing what would happen next. I loved it!

Thank you Barbour for allowing me to review these two books. The opinions expressed her are mine. I was not compensated for a positive review.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Senior Pictures

My cousin is also graduating this year. He is the same age as my sister. My Aunt asked if I would be willing to take a few pictures! Of course, I was up for the challenge.  Out of 550 pictures, I really love 20 of them.

 My sister was in some of the shots as they two have done a lot of things together. It's hard to believe they both are graduating this year. We had great weather and a fantastic time taking pictures! 

What are your favorite memories?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Rackal- Throwback Thursday

My little sister, Rachel turns 18 today!! Wow, I can't believe how fast she has grown up. She is becoming a beautiful young woman now and I cannot believe this is her senior year of Highschool. She will be our last Bulldog! 

As I was thinking of her Birthday today, I remember a lot of great memories we had! 

I remember when my parents were going about to tell us the good news. My first response before I knew what it was " Is the surprise bigger than Chuckie Cheese?"

The surprise was definitely bigger than Chuckie Cheese and who knew it would last me a life time.  

She makes me laugh so much and is now into fashion, boys and even has a job.. It's amazing to me how she has grown up!

 I'm so blessed! 

Happy Birthday, Rachel! I was always think of you as that small baby who use to cry and keep me up at night. Thanks for being a great sister. Enjoy being 18 kid! Now you start taking me out to dinner! XOXO

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DisneyLand Part 1

 How can you not smile when you see that train station? Instantly, you know you're transplanted to a different world.

On a snow-day, I booked our wonderful Dumbo Double Dare race and was so nervous about it, which led us to California and of course visiting the Disney Parks.  We had never been to Disneyland and were very unsure of what to expect from this adventure, but we knew it would be awesome!

I love this quote!

I was so excited to get the first glance at Disneyland. Of course, I could wait to see Sleeping Beauty Castle. I love girly things and always get misty eyed when I see Cinderella's Castle.

We couldn't wait to get on the Matterhorn Bobsleds! We had read a lot online about this ride and this is one of the icons Disneyland is known for, so we definitely needed to get on this ride.

We then found out it was closed. Major bummer.. However, it didn't stop us from exploring the park and having fun.

 We then caught an awesome ride in this submarine. Um, this thing was pretty much the ultimate. My favorite thing, hands down! Maybe I am easy to please, but getting in a submarine and being submerged in water is just so cool. It also helps that I was able to see the Nemo gang, which is my favorite Disney Movie.

 We of course saw Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is much smaller than the one in Magic Kingdom, but it is very quaint and I like that feeling from it. Big doesn't always mean better.

 It actually has a working drawbridge, but has always been put down once and then is when the park opened. Pretty cool eh?

 We happened to catch the parade. It was fun, not as big as Disney World, but you have to be open to new experiences at Disneyland.

My husband has great video of this parade. It was pretty fun.

You can't help but love Mickey and Minnie! They are fabulous!   

Other than the weather being crazy hot, we had a great adventure at the park. I have lots more pictures, but I want to split it into sections so I am able to hold the memories.