Thursday, August 1, 2013

You know your a Disney addict when...

 You walk around carrying a purse like this and people look at you with a funny face or respond with "I love Disney, that is super cute!"

When you tell your husband you can't drink a beverage from any other glass because it has to be the one with Walt and Mickey!

When you find a Disney classic for $20 and can't wait till your husband gets home, so you can have a movie a night..

When you download the "UP" soundtrack and can listen to the slow melody on a long run!

Or when you tell your husband "We need to see other things besides Disney" and he wants to disown you, so he continues to beg to go back!
This is the life of a Disney addict. We are looking at becoming travel Agents. Otherwise, we totally want to move down to Florida to work for the mouse company!!
 Question: What addictions do you have?


Karen Seal said...

My addiction is the same as yours! Love that purse AND that mug! So cute!

Unknown said...
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