Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Good Life- Disney World Day 3

We spent our third day in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is dedicated to all the wonderful creatures of the world- real, extinct and imaginary- as well as the ways in which we humans relate to them. It celebrates wild life and wild places, sending each of us home with a renewed commitment to protect them!


My favorite part is Kilimanjaro Safaris where Africa and wildlife meet as one. Kilimanjaro is roughly 110 acres, which is almost the same size of Magic Kingdom. That is one big jungle out there!

The Animal Kingdom is actually a wildlife reserve and Disney is committed to protecting animals so they do not go extinct. This is my favorite thing in Animal Kingdom! I took tons of pictures of the wildlife, but these are two of my favorites!

Before leaving Africa, we decided to stop at a gift shop! I just loved this shirt and hat!

It was then off to Dino land, USA to ride Dinosaur! 

We had never been on this ride. We had read mixed reviews on the Disney Boards and we nervous about the sensory experience it might bring as that can be an issue for me. We did not know what to expect and I was extremely nervous to go on the ride, but then a gentlemen and his wife, who were quite older, sixties maybe, sat right beside us and I thought, if they can do this, so can I!!

It wasn't scary at all and I enjoyed the ride! Drew was glad we did it and I'm glad he talked me into it. He just told me to close my eyes if it was too much!

I love Disney's movie "UP" and haven't you seen this movie, its quite a shame! I cry every time during the first 10 minutes. Everyone should find their Ellie and Mr. Frederickson.

I was so happy to meet Doug and Russell. I had been wanting to meet them for a couple years, but these characters were not available to meet. They were too busy "exploring" to find time to greet guests. Sure, whatever! HA!


We headed off to Disney's Hollywood Studio's to hit the Animation Studio for a little drawing lesson. Mulan, Brother Bear and Lilo & Stitch were the last movies created in this  area of Disney's Hollywood Studios! 

 Welcome to Drawing class!

 Drew is all smiles and ready to start drawing! Let's see how good you are at this pencil and paper stuff!!

We had the opportunity to draw Mr. Frederickson from "UP" and I was thrilled.. Poor Drew, didn't know who  he was until afterwards. What kind of Disney fan are you???
 In class, we have about twenty minutes to draw and you had to pay close attention.. There was simply no time for questions, so Drew did the best he could and I loved them! 
This was by far, one of my favorite things we did. I of course saved our drawing and they will go in our scrapbook! One of the best souvenirs! We did attend two more classes later on in our trip! We loved it! I highly recommend this experience!

Question: What is your favorite Disney movie??


Karen Seal said...

LOVE Animal Kingdom! Cute hat!! :0) Dinosaur is one of my favorite rides. Every time we see an episode of CSI and the guy from the Dinosaur pre-ride show crosses the television, I say, "We're not gonna make it...we're not gonna make it!" Hehe! I definitely cannot watch Up. I saw it once and cried the entire movie! Hah! The characters are so cute, though! Animation class is my husband's favorite! :0)

Britt said...

Did you buy that shirt? It's soo cute!!

Sarah said...

Brit, I should have bought the shirt!

Karen, I never realized how NOT scary it is! People on the Dis Boards said it was one of the scariest rides! Um, yah.. NOT!